Hands-on Activities

Get creative and crafty with these hands-on activities and ideas for kids! Including STEM projects, art and crafts, and fun activities for developing motor skills and confidence-building.

Screen-time can be a great way to play and learn when used appropriately. However, offline and screen-free games can provide a fun, stimulating learning experience. Traditional forms of play and enquiry can provide lots of opportunities for collaboration, confidence-building, as well as cognitive and emotional development.

Make a Simple DIY Spectroscope

Make a Simple DIY Spectroscope

Ever looked at a rainbow and wondered how all those amazing colours seem to just burst out of nowhere? This ... More
Ice Cream In A Bag

Make ice cream in a bag – Quick and tasty STEM activity

Did you know you can make delicious ice cream really quickly with just a few simple ingredients and a bit ... More
Build a Simple Bug Hotel (Small and Inexpensive)

Build a Simple Bug Hotel (Small and Inexpensive)

Bugs and insects play an important role in the ecosystem. Why not create a 'buzzing' bug hotel teaming with interesting ... More
Make an Ancient Egyptian Necklace

Make an Ancient Egyptian Necklace

Ancient Egyptian civilisation began around 5000 years ago and lasted for around 3000 years! It was a culture incredibly rich ... More
Make a volcano

How to Make a Volcano

The following steps will show you how to make a volcano at home, using readily available materials. These powerful forces ... More
Build and Race a Balloon Powered Car

Build and Race a Balloon Powered Car

Balloon-powered cars are a fun way of demonstrating Newton's Laws of Motion. Balloon-Powered Car ChallengeWhy not do this activity with ... More
Water Wheel

Water Wheel Activity to Show Potential Energy & Kinetic Energy

This STEM activity can be used to demonstrate the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy to children. Opportunities for ... More
Toy Guitar

Cardboard Craft For Kids – Toy Guitar

This cardboard craft toy guitar makes a fun toy to act out being a rock star and is also a ... More
Flapping Bird Craft

Macaw Parrot – Flapping Mobile

This easy bird craft for kids can be used as a decorative bedroom mobile to brighten up their room. This ... More
Afternoon Tea

Play Food Craft Activity: Afternoon Tea

Make a realistic looking afternoon tea out of household sponges, cloths, and a few craft items. The final result makes ... More