Telling the Time – Interactive Teaching Clock Tool

Learn to tell the time.

This interactive teaching clock can be used to help students tell the time on an analog clock.

Screenshot from the interactive clock tool using the black and white theme.

Telling the time on an analogue clock is an important skill that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a key skill that can provide a basis for other types of learning and understanding.

Clock Features

  • Adjustable hour and minute hands can be used to simulate the time.
  • Learn to tell the time on a digital clock by displaying it alongside the analogue clock face.
  • Alternate quickly between 24-hour to 12-hour clocks.
  • Show and hide clock hands and easily change their colours to allow for greater clarity.
  • Tablet and interactive whiteboard friendly.
  • Select either a colourful clockface or a black and white version.
  • Easily turn the digital clock on or off.
  • Show the current time or move the hour and minute hands manually.
Instructions for using the interactive clock manipulative:

Select your preferred clock style and change the colour of the hour and minute hands as desired. To adjust the time, simply click the plus or minus buttons to make the moveable clock hands rotate in increments of 1, 5, or 15-minutes. Similarly, move the hour hands of the teaching clock forwards or backwards an hour at a time. Use the ‘reset’ button to set the time back to 12:00. The digital display can be hidden altogether if desired. The interactive clock also allows for either the hour hand or the minute hands to be hidden if you want them to be shown in isolation.