Number Ordering Game – Spooky Ghosts

This activity is designed as a simple way to aid in the learning of sequencing / ordering numbers in ascending and descending order.

Number ordering game. Scare the ghosts away in either ascending or descending order.

Sorting numbers in ascending or descending order introduces the concept of magnitude and looking at relationships between different numbers. This simple activity also introduces the idea of data analysis. Sorting data sets from largest to smallest, or vice versa could help develop the skill of interpreting data and drawing conclusions.

Number Ordering Game Instructions

Playing the game is simple. The ghosts have been assigned a random number. Once the ghosts appear, they need to be scared away by clicking on them in order from lowest to highest (or vice versa). If the numbers are not clicked in the correct sequence, you will be prompted to have another try.

There is no time limit or score for the number ordering activity – questions will be automatically triggered after each turn until the game is exited.

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Number Ordering Worksheet

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