Easy and Fun Fundraising Ideas for School Kids with a Creative Twist

Looking for creative fundraising ideas for your school, charity, or a good cause? From crafty projects to games and activities, there are countless ways to raise funds whilst also nurturing creativity, teamwork, and other hands-on skills. 

Here are some innovative and (mostly) easy fundraising ideas that you can use to inspire and support your children’s fundraising efforts. The ideas are designed to support and enhance a child’s personal learning journey whilst also contributing to a noble cause. A win-win for everyone involved!

How can fundraising enhance the learning experience for school kids?

The ultimate goal of these activities is to raise funds. They’ve also been put together to facilitate a positive learning experience for the children involved. This allows for a more enriching experience which highlights the reciprocal benefits of helping each other and playing an active role in our communities. 

Creative fundraising ideas for school children

Put Together a cultural cookbook compilation

Encouraging children to ask their friends and relatives about their most cherished family recipes can be a great way to create a treasured cookbook that celebrates the cultural diversity and history of the community.

This project offers a valuable opportunity to learn more about different cultures and histories and how they can be expressed through the food we eat. The final result can be a precious record which can be used to raise money for a good cause. It also provides inspiration to test out some tasty new recipes!

Garden-themed sale

A garden-themed sale can be a great way of combining a multitude of skills with fundraising.

Children might grow herbs or flowers which can be nurtured from seedlings to mature plants. These can then sold to the public. They may also create related crafts such as custom-painted plant pots, personalised garden/shed signs and eco bird feeders.

The act of gardening itself also provides children with valuable lessons in botany, responsibility, teamwork and respect for the environment.

Creative writing contest

Encourage children to write by giving them the task of writing a short story, essay or poem on a chosen theme.

This activity will help them think about writing for a larger audience and explore various narrative techniques, plot development ideas and character construction to create a piece that aligns with the theme.

One way to raise money for this project is by holding a ‘reading evening’ with an entry fee. A selection of the best entries read their work to a group of parents and friends. This will not only help children develop their literary skills but also boost their confidence by performing their work publicly. Alternatively, the writing could be compiled into a small book and sold to friends and family.

Talent show

A talent show is an exciting opportunity to combine the fun of performing with the development of social skills and self-confidence.

The organisation of a talent show is an ideal time to identify and celebrate the individual talents of a group of children. Activities might include singing, poetry recital, magic tricks or story-telling and puppet shows.

Recycled art exhibition

Why not hold an exhibition which is both creative and environmentally conscious? Get students to create works of art from recycled or repurposed materials, turning discarded items into meaningful art pieces.

Bottle top art project.

A small exhibition could be held, in which students showcase their efforts whereby parents and friends pay a small donation as an entry fee. Additionally, the finished items could be auctioned off or sold to raise extra funds for the chosen cause.

The act of turning an abstract idea into something tangible using only recycled materials, which in turn generates funds to help others can be an inspiring and thought-provoking task. It can highlight how funds can be raised without the need for a big materials budget. This makes the task ideal for those with limited resources and budgetary constraints.

Greeting card designs

Designing bespoke greeting cards is a fun activity in which children can generate ideas and use them to generate funds to help others in a colourful and creative way.

What’s great about his activity is that it can be adapted to a range of ages and abilities.

Design techniques might include simple mark-making or printing. Those with more confidence might experiment with collage, pop-up or even digital designs.

The process of selling the cards can introduce children to some entrepreneurial skills too. These can include budgeting for materials or printing costs, pricing and marketing. Again, the business aspects of the task can be adapted in depth depending on age and ability levels. 

Card designs needn’t be limited to any particular theme or holiday either. They can also include art-based, abstract designs for a variety of uses such as ‘thank you’ cards, personal notes or birthdays. This opens up the activity to allow for a wider range of creative expression.

Make and sell bird boxes or bug hotels

Constructing bug hotels or bird boxes can provide children with valuable learning opportunities, helping children to appreciate the natural environment.

This activity offers a chance to learn about the various species of birds and insects that inhabit the local area, and to understand their importance in the ecosystem.

Additionally, the construction aspect of this activity provides an opportunity for children to develop practical hands-on skills, such as measuring, using tools under supervision, and woodworking skills.

Once completed, these items can be sold to raise funds for your chosen cause.

One great aspect of this  activity is it’s potential to have a positive lasting impact on the community. By  installing bird boxes and bug hotels in and around the school grounds and local community, children can gain a firsthand experience of the positive impact they can have on local wildlife. This can highlight the importance of caring for our environment and the roles we can play in this.

After finishing the project, you can sell the items to generate funds for your chosen cause. One of the great things about this activity is its ability to create a positive, lasting impact on the community. By setting up bird boxes and bug hotels in and around the school premises and local community, kids can witness firsthand the positive influence they can have on their surroundings. This can highlight the importance of caring for our environment and the roles we can play in this.

Finally, it should go without saying that safety should always be considered a priority. Adult supervision is necessary, especially when using tools.

A balloon-powered car STEM challenge

Whose car can go the fastest? The farthest? Combine creativity and science with an exciting STEM challenge.

Balloon powered bottle car.

Students can build a balloon-powered vehicle and learn about the fundamental laws of motion. This can introduce them to the laws of physics in a fun, tangible way.

The engineering challenge of building the car itself provides opportunities for applying problem-solving skills. It incorporates a good degree of critical thinking and planning.

Materials could be limited to found or recycled items to add a sustainability aspect to the task and learn about the value of repurposing items.

A STEM challenge like this can also be an excellent collaborative activity. It highlights the value of working as a team to solve problems, delegating roles and pooling knowledge. 

From a fundraising perspective, the balloon-powered car challenge can be structured as a competition which includes entry fees or sponsored races. Spectators and participants may donate to sponsor a car, and guess which design will travel the fastest or farthest. The winner might receive a non-cash prize donated by participants or a sponsor, such as a second-hand item or toy, or they could simply receive a certificate and bragging rights.

A traditional cake and biscuit sale

Last on the list is a classic fundraising activity. Whilst it might initially seem fairly limited in potential as a creative exercise, it can offer countless learning opportunities when executed well.

Even basic recipes integrate an element of mathematics by measuring and weighing ingredients, planning cooking times and dividing into portion sizes.

Make sure you strictly observe proper safety and hygiene practices, ensuring clean work surfaces, hand washing and strict adult supervision.

Final thoughts on school fundraising ideas

Raising money for good causes yields significant benefits for both the giver and the receiver.

For children, engaging in fundraising nurtures empathy and underscores the value of contributing to the local community. Additionally, these activities can be intricately woven into a child’s educational journey, offering creative, hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

By incorporating aspects of project-based learning, STEM, and crafts into fundraising projects, children can enjoy a dynamic educational experience that also ultimately helps others too.

This approach creates a powerful synergy, enriching the learning process and benefiting everyone involved.

Nurturing young entrepreneurs

Fundraising ideas and activities can also have the added benefit of nurturing a multitude of entrepreneurial skills:

  • Brainstorming and idea generation
  • Planning and critical thinking
  • Pricing and financial planning
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork, collaboration and community involvement
  • The importance of social responsibility

Activities can also be structured to align with the school’s curriculum or standards relevant to your particular region.

Resources to support kids fundraisers

There are lots of fantastic charities and local organisations you might wish to support. Many of these, such a NSPCC, British Heart Foundation, and Mind for example offer helpful advice and resource packs and fundraising ideas.

Whilst getting creative to help the local community can be great fun and highly admirable, it’s important to consider the safety and legal aspects of the activities carefully.

It’s essential to ensure your fundraising ideas comply with all local laws regarding fundraising. These include the collection, storage and distribution of funds. All financial transactions should also be carried out by responsible adults. Ethical considerations should include respecting the rights, safety and privacy of all participants. 

Finally, make sure safety is a priority in all activities, ensuring adult supervision and the use of age-appropriate materials.